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Hockey Trading Pins

Youth Hockey Trading Pins are traded at nearly all Hockey Tournaments. It has become one of the premiere activities in Youth Hockey.

Our mission is to supply hockey trading pins that will be a Super Trader for your Team and we want it to be very special to you. To make a unique hockey pin, we need to incorporate several things into the design. Trading pins will need specific Components of the pins to reflect the group name, geographical area, age group, gender, team colors, mascot, player's numbers, and other special information about your team.

Hockey Trading Pins Examples

Examples would be as such:

  • Hockey Team Name: Skaters Hockey
  • Geographic Area: New York Blue Devils Hockey
  • Age Group: Boys 14u Hockey
  • Gender: Boys Hockey
  • Hockey Mascot: Warriors Youth Hockey
  • and individual player's names and/or numbers.
Our talented Hockey trading pins artists are available to touch up your artwork or to produce a unique trading pin for you from scratch.

Call or email for a quote. We will need to know:
  • Size of pin
  • Quantity needed
  • Number of colors
  • Type of pin desired
  • Date of delivery
  • Special Options

Hockey Trading Pins History

Trading pins began in athletics, and the first recorded pin trading celebrations took place at the Olympics. But, Olympic trading pins had their beginning as badges. In 1896, in the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, the badges of various colors were used to identify the officials and the athletes.

It is in 1906, at the Intermediate Olympic Games of Athens, that the first pin in the color of a delegation made its appearance, that being Sweden. Around 1924, the athletes started to exchange pins as a sign of international friendship. During the years that followed, the uses, manufacturing, and the varieties evolved to the trading pins we know today.

Until the end of the 70s, pin trading was mainly restricted to the athletes and to officials. It is at the 1980 Winter Olympics of Lake Placid that pin trading became an activity of the masses. They allowed the spectators to collect memories and stories, and to start their own pin collections.

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